Immediately after these two years, a few things provides altered

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Immediately after these two years, a few things provides altered

Adopting the Timeskip

Luffy wears an unbarred, long-sleeved reddish cardigan which have five keys (which ultimately shows brand new X-shaped scar covering the majority of his boobs he obtained by then-Admiral Akainu), having a yellow sash fastened doing his sides, a little reminiscent of Gol D. Roger’s outfit. He’s adult somewhat high which will be proven to be rather alot more muscular because of his training. This might be found in their slightly heavy neck, far more noticable deltoids, and higher-discussed boobs. [55] During their battle with Sanji, Luffy loses one of his true better white teeth just after being struck by a Diable Jambe Joue Decide to try into their face. [56] not, it increased back just after the guy ate a container out-of whole milk. [57]

  • Inside Punk Hazard Arc, Luffy wore an extended wintertime finish having red-colored and you may light horizontal band, plus purple ear muffs, that he stole in one away from Brownbeard’s Centaur Patrol Product. [58]
  • In the Dressrosa Arc, Luffy used an open, short-sleeved clothing having an effective sunflower development, fundamental bluish trousers, and you will a red sash. The guy along with used a fake beard. [59] On entering the tournament on Mera Mera zero Mi in the brand new Corrida Colosseum, the guy dressed in Viking-design armor, detailed with a blade and shield until it had been stripped of your on account of a solution of your own lbs limitation. [60] On upgrade in order to satisfy the weight maximum, he extra a great cape and you can used an identical Viking concept helmet the guy dressed in in earlier times, along with his subscription matter ‘0556’ additionally the term “Lucy” created on the rear off his clothing, obscured by the his cape. [61] When he retrieved immediately after his competition facing Doflamingo, Luffy used a purple tank best along with his fundamental trousers inside brownish (dark gray on the comic strip). [62]
  • Into the Entire Pie Island Arch, Luffy wore an unbarred, enjoy light cardigan having puffy sleeves along with his important pants when you look at the red-colored. The guy including got an ornamental scarf wrapped around his straw cap once landing at the Seducing Trees, although he seems to have forgotten it throughout their battle with Charlotte Cracker. This type of clothing was at some point torn to shreds shortly after multiple battles and you can he afterwards dons a new outfit in order to meet which have Capone Bege; a red-colored fit jacket that have a brown clothing and you can a red ascot plus red-colored specialized trousers. He also fitting a black colored fedora to reach the top out-of their straw hat. [63]
  • From inside the Wano Nation Arch, Luffy wore a purple yukata having patchwork mon from a bluish rounded sunrays on the a beneficial cyan records and a red-colored obi. The guy plus had a great topknot towards the top of his tresses. He including met with the Nidai Kitetsu the guy borrowed from Tenguyama Hitetsu. [64] Before starting the brand new physical violence to your Onigashima, Luffy received some samurai armour out of Hitetsu. [65] Whenever helping Kin’emon plus the anybody else up against Kaidou’s fleet on water, Luffy used a long, dark-colored finish more than his typical attire. The guy and switched their regular sash and you will jeans to have a yellow and lime-brownish you to definitely correspondingly. [66] He together with temporarily used a beasts Pirates disguise (developed by Kin’emon) whenever infiltrating Onigashima. [67]


Inside the Flick 3, he wears a reddish top on the matter “01” into the black colored between. A beneficial deer costume outfit with a fur finish as well as 2 forest twigs for antlers has also been momentarily seen.

Regarding G-8 Arc, the guy infiltrates brand new kitchens just like the an aquatic cook, dressed in a white plan consistent, a bluish garment to the their neck, and you can a white get ready hat level his straw hat.

Until the Timeskip

During his return to Marineford to give a silent prayer, Luffy was briefly shown with four characters written on his right arm spelling 3d2Y, [53] with the 3D crossed out to symbolize that the Straw Hat Pirates should meet up in 2 years (2Y) rather than the 3 days (3D) as planned after fleeing from Bartholomew Kuma. [54]

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